For this project I decided to create an interactive catalog for the company, Allbirds. I decided to do this because I recently discovered them and I really like their mission of creating shoes and apparel in a way that is resourceful and kind to the environment. I first bought a pair of shoes there because I wanted to support the company and I felt like I had a hard time navigating their website to find shoes that fit the purpose that I wanted. This was one of the main issues that I wanted to solve with the catalog. …

I am a current Junior studying Web Development and Design with an emphasis in Interaction and Design. I have always had a history of being passionate about whatever I am involved in and it is no different with UI and UX design. I love to solve complex problems with simplicity and to help others see the beauty in that simplicity.

As a young designer I am continuously learning and improving my skills and would love to collaborate with anybody doing the same! You can find me on here on LinkedIn.

Creating a photography portfolio that doesn’t blend in with the rest can be challenging to do. I decided to use iBook to create a seamless interactive experience to view a portfolio.

For this version I decided to focus on the portraits that I have done and go with a “faces” theme. The user is able to scroll through these pages and interact with the pictures to see a full size colored version and they are able to watch a video with several other portraits, but this could potentially be used to showcase my photography or videography

Creating a portfolio that…

Many people underestimate or are unaware of the power of using basic design principles. It is easy to have the tendency to try and create something extraordinary and do something that nobody has ever done before when designing interfaces, but the truth is the basics are tried and true methods and some of the greatest interfaces are the greatest because they have perfected these principles. If you don’t do anything, but these three principles, your designs will be better than mediocre ;)


Before starting this project I did a little bit of research on what big magazine publications were offering in their digital space and I was surprisingly disappointed. I assumed because we are in a very digital world, that some of the bigger magazine publications would have adapted well. After looking at Times, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, and many other local ones like Costco, etc. I realized that there is a definite need for digital experiences in the print world and I was excited to explore these options.

For this project we used Mag+ and InDesign, which I hadn’t ever used this…

One of the most common struggles that young designers run into when looking to join the workforce is the fact that they don’t have any experience and every job opening wants the applicant to have 2+ years of experience. This can become very frustrating and leaves many lost at how to get their foot in the door in their career path.

Although there is no guarantee for getting a job there are a few things that I have learned through my experience and have been taught that will definitely help.

First of all, do your research, be looking for a…

Emma Lightfoot

Currently a junior at Utah Valley University studying UX/UI Design.

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